Benefits of an FLVS School Education

We hear it over and over again: the public school model is ineffective because it teaches and evaluates all students the exact same way, even though all children learn differently. Many parents with children in school feel this way, and many can identify areas in which the standard public school model is failing them. Unfortunately, most parents are still afraid to explore other options. The virtual school (FLVS) is a system that has met the standards of many parents and enriched the lives of many children. It is understandable that you might be afraid to try an FLVS school, as you might feel like you are experimenting too much with your child’s education. However, most of the concerns that parents have can be easily addressed and dispelled.

The first concern many parents have is that their children will not be sufficiently educated. Just because a student is learning online, it doesn’t mean they’re learning any less! In fact, FLVS school courses cover all core subjects, as well as advanced placement and honors courses. Not having to deal with the physical limitations of a school has enabled FLVS to offer more options. Most public schools offer only a couple of options for languages and other electives, but enrolling through FLVS gives students access to almost any type of class out there. Expectations are still as high as a standard school, and teachers are all properly certified. All FLVS curriculum meets the standards of the state of. The only difference is the setting in which the student works.

Another concern that many parents have is that their child won’t have proper access to or guidance from a teacher. FLVS school teachers communicate regularly with students and their parents via phone, email, chat, or other methods. Most teachers are also available after typical school hours and during the weekend. How many regular public schools offer that option! FLVS allows students to connect with teachers as often as they need to, and using the medium that works best for them. This is exactly what makes an FLVS education so wonderful. Students are able to work in a way that is most effective for them.

Many parents are also concerned that FLVS school won’t teach their children a sense of structure or discipline. This simply isn’t true because there are still scheduled tests and assignments with deadlines. Students are still expected to put effort into their studies and complete their work on time. The difference is that they can arrange their time in a way that suits them. Your child might need to spend more time on math, but require less time on science. FLVS gives them the freedom to do that. Most FLVS teachers are also open to adjusting deadlines to meet student needs, including allowing them to finish assignments and do tests earlier than usual. This is especially important given the number of gifted children who underperform in school due to boredom, under-stimulation, and frustration with having to wait for everyone else to catch up. FLVS doesn’t punish children for working quickly, and will support those who need a little extra time.

Hopefully now you are confident that an FLVS school will provide your child with an education that pushes their personal and academic achievements high above public school standards. The idea might take some getting used to, but it won’t be long before you see the positive results!