Custom eLearning Development Adding Value to Business

Do you want to add value to your business? Opt for custom eLearning Development and get effective & engaging solutions for your trade. E-Learning has developed way back in 2004. The most remarkable change over the years is the decline of Flash and the growth of HTML & other related tools that led to the development of custom framework. Customised eLearning solutions are the effect of careful considerations, deep understanding of business requirements, financial plan & timelines and are based on solid instructional design methods and graphic design principles. Now there are different types of custom eLearning development services. So, you can choose for your desired one. You can get the service from a team of instructional designers, programmers, graphic designers and quality analysts. Some of the custom eLearning development services include simple content elucidation, complex gamification, image treatments, rich animations, multi-device eLearning testing, instructor-led training, translation and localisation. Moreover, content development can provide you a competitive edge. The process starts with thorough understanding, investigation, strategizing apt solution, creating storyboards and developing content in collaboration with subject matter experts and developing eLearning courses.

You may get latest technologies. So, keep an eye on the best design standards. Designers often use cognitivism and constructivism and recapitulate solutions for delivering an exceptional learning experience. Expertise can also include multimedia development, instructional design and eLearning project management. An engaging learning experience changes behaviour as well as add value to learning business by making an impact on the overall performance. Custom eLearning solutions are carefully developed to meet instructional outcomes in short term and performance outcomes in the long term. Many of these solutions are acquiescent with SCORM and AICC standards.

Now, let’s have a look at a few eLearning development solutions in this regard:

  • Multi-device responsive Whether its laptop, smartphone, tablets or any other device, you can get single source responsive solution running impeccably on all devices. Here, you can also get bespoke multi-device services for specific devices. A wide range of responsive eLearning Solutions can be customised for your organisations using latest design approaches as well as development technologies. An exclusive FRED framework helps to create responsive eLearning with ease.
  • Testing Lab services –Testing Lab services are available with essential infrastructure and expertise and are reinforced by a well-structured quality assurance procedure ensuring an error-free project. The service ensures the fact that eLearning will run seamlessly on all target devices, providing learners a steady learning experience on every device they might be used.
  • In-time eLearning – At times, bite-sized, in-time eLearning is exactly what is required by the learners. As per requirement, the solutions include Video & Animation and Rapid eLearning. Moreover, if you want to re-use existing eLearning content or want to change from Flash to HTML, you can get the expertise to do that. If you look for faster development, ecommerce developers can make use of fast authoring tools for creating eLearning. The productivity can be for mobile devices or multi‒device eLearning for desktops, smartphones and tablets, as per your necessity. Many ecommerce developers have worked with the quick authoring tools that are offered today.
  • Translation & Localisation  You may seek end-to-end translation as well as localisation services for eLearning projects. The service helps you to translate and localise content in over fifty languages starting from translating text and recording of audio to packaging of courses. You can get the expertise in translating text, audio production and integration. Videos are great for delivering eLearning. As a result of which, professionals are employed for creating videos enabling explicit circumstances with the proficiency in creating in-house animations as per your requirement.

So, don’t shy away from adopting customised eLearning solutions! Find out one of the best custom ecommerce learning development solutions where the team works to analyse the requirement of the learners as per their level of understanding and competencies. Moreover, the location, nature of the audience and the available resources are taken into considerations. Choose the service provider with the expertise in offering custom eLearning development and multi-device solutions as this will help you to get your desired content for instructor led training, enhancing the process of your overall training. If your circumstances need in-house content creation and you want assistance with the content design part, you can get onsite ID services these days. In such a case, experts act an extension to your team and works at your office for offering you real learning solutions. Go for the best and add value to your business.