The Preschool for Kids Debate

A solid foundation is necessary for life. When do we begin building this foundation? Well, that all depends on what your parents decided for you as a child but in many cases, it was as early as two or three years of age. Learning your ABC’s, your numbers and basic interaction skills is where all kids begin their learning, the only difference is the age it begin at. Preschool is typically for children three years old and upward but many feel this is far too young for a formal learning environment. Preschool for kids is a great way to develop socializing skills, coping techniques and independence but yes, in many cases a three year old is not ready for this.

Just because you feel your toddler isn’t ready to be heading off to preschool doesn’t mean you can’t teach them a thing or three yourself. Preschool for kids is great for many families who work outside the home every day but if you are lucky enough to work from home, or are a full-time parent, then you can take your child’s preschool learning into your own hands. You can find plenty of educational activities to do with your young child from home. There is also extensive theory information available online which will help you decide on a teaching format.

That is a good place to start if you want to build your child’s literal pre-school education from scratch. However, there is another alternative. There are online organizations and schools that offer pre-designed curriculums that fall in line with current teaching standards at traditional schools. If you choose this route and sign up with one of these programs, you will get access to teaching materials, activity guides and other resources. It couldn’t be easier. If education is important to you than you know the benefits that preschool for kids can have. The only decision you need to make is where they obtain that education: at home or in the classroom.

You may think that without a traditional preschool for kids experience, your child may miss out on opportunities to make friends and socialize but this is not true. Many at-home learning activities involve getting out into the world. Nature walks, playing at the park and learning the names of the things in their neighborhood are all ways to learn outside of the home. The park is a great place for kids to learn about a variety of things while interacting with other children at the same time. Another option is to incorporate play dates into the learning schedule. A play date can be a great opportunity to incorporate a group learning activity into the mix too.

If you think preschool for kids is important but aren’t sure of how you want to incorporate this early learning into your child’s life, do a little investigating. In the end it will ultimately depend on what you as a parent believe and can handle. Good luck on this new and exciting chapter of your child’s life. It is an important one that will shape their life-long learning habits.