Preschool Online Learning has Proven Effective in Future School Education

Your child will spend the majority of their childhood in school.  How they learn and what they learn will determine the type of adult they will become after they emerge from it. How they perceived education will determine if they will continue onto college or university. Depending on their learning styles, school can either be a joy or a challenge.  Thankfully, there are ways to help your child get ready for those intensive school years.  Preschool education both with preschool in classrooms and preschool online learning, has shown to have beneficial immediate effects that can last years.


APPLES released an in depth study following children from preschool to grade 5. This study was very detailed; it used a wide range of nationalities and income levels to conduct their test.  The overall findings were astonishing.  Children that were enrolled in one or two years of preschool not only had a better educational understanding during their first year of school, they continued to excel above their class in the following years, as far as 5th grade.  They noticed a significant increase in educational levels of children that were enrolled in their preschool courses.   There was also a noticeable reduction in grade retention and in the necessity to place students in special needs courses.  It is also important to note that the level of success in these children also directly correlated to the quality of education in their preschool course. By grade 4, children that were enrolled in a one year preschool program were found to be about 10% to 20% ahead of their classmates. Children that were enrolled in a two year preschool program, excelled by as much as 20% to 40%.  Both preschool online learning or classroom learning have shown to significantly increase your child’s chance of success during their following school years.

Preschool online learning courses offer your child the same curriculum as classroom style settings.  They introduce your child to basic educational requirements in a playful and fun manor. They will get a head start to their school years and be given confidence to be able to successfully start their next chapter of life.  Preschool online learning has the advantage of being able to take these courses at home.  They offer the flexibility of learning at home where they are comfortable while still following a government school curriculum.  Parents can also see exactly what their children are learning and are better prepared to be able to assist with their preschool development.  While children are eager to learn, not all are ready to attend a classroom style setting by the age of 3 or 4. For these children, preschool online learning is an ideal way to be able to obtain the education needed to be able to help them excel in school.

Both preschool online learning and classroom courses will help to prepare your child for their school years ahead.  It gives them the confidence they need as they start their first day of kindergarten.   It will also give them a beneficial advantage many years later into their school years.  As your child 3rd birthday approaches, consider the benefits of preschool and how it can help your child in the years to follow.