How to Choose the Right Pre School Activities

Your child’s education starts from the minute they are born, and the time before they enter school is so important because they are absorbing everything so quickly during this time. So it’s important to set aside some time to participate in pre school activities with your child.

The kinds of pre school activities you do with your child depend very much on your child’s interests and aptitudes, as well as your own interests and lifestyle. When considering this, keep in mind that certain activities are better for your child than others and some are better to do at different ages.

A good place to start, as early as three months old, is a mommy and me class. These classes are mainly about socialization for your child and also for yourself, as it gets you both out of the house and interacting with other children and new mothers. Programs like Gymboree offer pre school activities for babies that involve music, movement and art. Other classes available focus more on the moms, like mom and baby yoga and aerobics classes.

No matter what age your child is, art classes are always a great idea because it helps them express themselves while their communication and speaking skills are still developing. Pre school activities like art offer children the chance to learn to relate to their world, develop creativity and also hone their fine motor skills. Art classes are generally only beneficial for children aged two and up and it’s important to consider your child’s age when choosing the level of class.

By age three, most children are ready to start doing more physical pre school activities such as gymnastics, dance, and soccer – as well as more cerebral pursuits like cooking and music. Little league baseball becomes a possibility for your child at age four, as well as swimming lessons, yoga, martial arts, drama and more.  One not so commonly considered pre school activity for children is volunteering, which they can start as young as age three or four. Volunteering helps your children learn the values of caring and nurturing for others and for their community. You can start around the house by assigning simple chores and then move on to things like donating toys or books before getting involved in more intensive activities.

If you’re trying to decide what’s right for you and your child, there are many resources available to you such as local preschools, community centers, and kids stores. You can also take matters into your own hands and start or join a playgroup with other parents in your area. A good way to go about the latter is to contact an organization like Playgroups USA. The most important part of planning pre school activities for your child is to consult him or her about what activities would be preferred, and keep that in mind as you make plans and sign up for various courses.