Get involved in a Child’s Preschool Activities

Most people have needed to take care of a young child at some point, whether it was permanent care of their own child, or babysitting someone else’s child. Looking after a child can be fun and satisfying, but it can also be time-consuming and very tiring! Very small children have many different needs and it isn’t always easy to come up with exactly what they need right on the spot. It helps to have a few possible pre school activities planned. In order to do that, though, it’s important to understand the different types of activities that pre school age children need and enjoy.

First, there are solitary activities. These are things that a child does all by themselves, or with very minimal supervision. Solitary playtime helps children explore the world from their own point of view and practice learning on their own terms. This can be as simple as sitting still and playing quietly with a toy (many parents with their toddlers would spend more time engaged in this pastime!) or as energetic as going on an exploring mission through a house, playground or park. It is important for caregivers to remember that even solitary pre school activities require some supervision for safety’s sake.

Second, there is supervised playtime where an adult interacts directly with a child. There are many different kinds of pre school activities that can involve an adult and a child. Sometimes an adult’s help can improve a child’s co-ordination—games of tag or catch are good for this. Adults can also help children improve their verbal comprehension by reading to them or watching a video with them. Many children are more than happy to include their adult friends in playing with their toys, as well, which can help their social skills and help them learn creativity.

Finally, there are activities that involve children playing together, with or without adult supervision. These types of pre school activities come in many flavors. Some small children like to play together with toys, or simply talk to each other and tell silly jokes. More active children may enjoy games that involve running or playing catch with a ball or Frisbee. And of course, many small children combine their favorite games with the ever-popular childhood activity of playing pretend. What looks like a game of tag might actually be a game of cops and robbers!

Since much of the early learning that children receive comes from playing as well as from adults teaching them, it’s important that toddlers receive attention and supervision from adults while they play, learn and grow. A wide variety of pre school activities can help young children develop skills, talents and even their personalities. This development provides the foundation for the person that child will grow up to be! So when you have the chance to look after a child, whether it’s a short-term assignment or a lifelong commitment, think of the different ways you can be involved in that child’s playtime. You are helping to shape a future individual in more ways than you know!